Concealed doors FAQ

What is a concealed door?

Concealed door is a door with hidden door frame, or hidden door jamb.

What is a frameless door?

A frameless door is a door where the door frame is hidden in the finished wall. One side of the frameless door is flush with the wall, the other side has a look and feel of the ordinary door.

What is a flush door?

Within the context of traditional homebuilding, a flush door refers to a door with no panels – the surface of the door is completely flat.

In modern architecture and in modern interior design, a flush door often refers to a flush-mount door. A flush mount door has a concealed door frame, typically made from a specially formed aluminum extrusion. The door frame is mounted in the rough opening right on the edge of the wall. This allows the door to sit "flush with the wall".

What is a concealed hinge?

A concealed hinge is a type of hinge that is recessed in the door frame and the door leaf (door slab). When the door is closed, there is no exposed or visible component of the hinge (such as pin or knuckle), hence the term "concealed hinge".​

There are several concealed hinge manufactures and suppliers in the USA and even more worldwide.

For Dorsis concealed doors we use either German Tectus hinges or Italian Anselmi concealed hinges, both made by a Germany-based manufacturer Simonswerk. Tectus and Anselmi offer a comprehensive invisible hinge system for premium flush doors which allows Dorsis to be able to work with a wide range of door heights and weights, including the heavier flush-mount fire-rated Dorsis EI30 door.

When I buy a Dorsis door, do I get just the frame?

Each door from Dorsis is a supplied as a complete door package, finished and ready to install. Your Dorsis inswing/outswing concealed door (or trimless pocket door) will come as a door unit package including:

How difficult is it to install a concealed door?

With modern Dorsis concealed doors, all you will need is a laser level, a screwdriver and shims. To hang the door, you will need a pair of awesome Winbag air wedges or a similar inflatable shim.