Dorsis neo Magnetic concealed door stop in three finishes - white, silver, black.

New magnetic door stop by Dorsis is practically invisible

July 13, 2022

Our latest innovation in modern trimless interior doors is here – and it’s in an area that will make any modern architect, interior designer, builder and — most importantly — the homeowner really happy. Dorsis neo Magnetic is a new magnetic door stop from Dorsis. We designed the Dorsis neo Magnetic door stop to be practically invisible. It works with inswing and outswing frameless doors and performs double duty with its hold-open function.

There are numerous doors stop styles available here in North America:

  • cylindrical floor bump, sometimes also called floor bumper
  • half-dome style door stopper
  • baseboard-mounted door stop
  • hinge pin stop
  • and others

While these traditional door stops are perfectly functional, they are not very elegant, especially in high-end residential interior design.

Why an invisible magnetic door stopper changes everything

When you compare a traditional floor-mounted door stop with this new Dorsis neo Magnetic almost invisible magnetic door stop, the key difference is the size of the door stop element. While a standard floor-mounted door stop is tall, typically between 1-2 inches, the magnetic door stop is only about 3/16” tall (4.2 mm). It’s not just very minimal in its visual appearance with its flush finish, but it is also a door stop without a trip hazard.

Invisible Dorsis neo Magnetic door stopper was designed for modern full height frameless interior doors. It is available as a component for Dorsis Fortius and Dorsis Durus.

Dorsis neo Magnetic flush finish door stop uses a steel pin that is embedded in the bottom edge of the door leaf. The counterpart – the strike – is a flat piece with a neodymium magnet magnet – the strike is affixed to the floor. The new Dorsis neo Magnetic can be installed on floors using in-floor heating without any issues. This results in a uniquely minimalist, yet highly functional design, a perfect match for any modern home interior. You will be able to select from three finishes for the base: white, silver, and black.

Watch how the invisible magnetic door stop works:

How do you install a magnetic door stop

At Angelbau, we pre-install the Dorsis neo Magnetic door stopper with every frameless door. All you have to do is affix the door stopper base to the floor using the included two-sided self-adhesive tape — this requires no drilling and works on various surfaces, including wood, concrete, or tile. Optionally, you can attach the door stopper base to your hardwood floor with a small screw.

Concealed door stop color options

Dorsis neo Magnetic flush door stop. Available in white, silver and black.

Minimalistic concealed magnetic door stopper Dorsis neo Magnetic designed for frameless doors.
This minimalistic concealed magnetic door stopper Dorsis neo Magnetic sits flush with the floor. Angelbau integrates concealed magnetic door stops into all of the frameless doors.

Flush-mount door stop Dorsis neo Magnetic is practically hidden:

Dorsis neo Magnetic concealed door solution suitable for Fortius frameless doors and Axon floor-to-ceiling pivot doors.