Door Storage & Unpacking


  1. Interior doors must be stored in its original packaging inside a dry and ventilated room.
  2. The doors must be protected from exposure to water, high humidity or rapid changes in humidity, light and draft. We suggest maintaining relative humidity levels between 40% and 70%, with a reference ambient temperature of 20° Celsius / 68° Fahrenheit. Exposure to direct or strong UV light (natural or artificial) can result in a change in the color over time. Either occurrence does not indicate a product defect or failure.
  3. The doors should never lay directly on the bare ground — they must be stacked horizontally and fully supported on a level surface.
  4. The doors must not be stored leaning against a wall for a more than several hours (time needed for the installation) to prevent the risk of door distortion.


  1. Deliver door leaves to the site only after plaster, drywall or cement is dry.
  2. Carefully unpack the door leaves. Do not use cutters.

Check before hanging the door

  1. Take the door frame spreader bar and check the distance between the two side jambs.
  2. Check the vertical and horizontal level of the frame jambs.
  3. Check the squareness by checking that the two diagonals (1) top left corner to bottom right corner and (2) top right corner to bottom left corner are equal.