We at Angelbau are proud to work with some super-talented architects, interior designers, and builders across North America. Here's just a small sample of high-end residential projects in which we were honored and humbled to participate.

Three Gables Residence

Location: Boulder, CO
Architect: Studio B
Builder: Merrin Construction

Saratoga Wing House

Location: Saratoga, CA
Architect: Davide Giannella | Acadia Architecture 

Corner House

Location: Boulder, CO
Architect: Rosie Fivian | Y Rosemary Fivian Architect

Glass House

Location: Denver, CO
Architect: Rowland & Broughton
Builder: Le Grice Construction

Greenough House

Location: Cambridge, MA
Architect: Catherine Truman Architects
Builder: Catamount Builders

Westlake Residence

Location: Westlake, TX
Architect: J Bolton & Associates
Builder: Stuart Custom Homes

Villa Juarez

Gallery: Project Gallery
Architect: ADR

Country House

Gallery: Project Gallery
Architect: ZARI Architects