Colors, finishes & glass options

Color Options

Choose the right color

There are almost unlimited color and finish options for any modern interior door that we at Angelbau design and manufacture. Here we show just a few options to get the discussion started.

For door frames

Our invisible door frames are always powder-coated to ensure long-lasting durability. Choose any RAL K7 color.

For door leaves

For door leaves you can choose any RAL K7 color or one the Benjamin Moore off-white colors.

Color options for powder-coated Dorsis Fortius concealed door frames and painted door slabs. Image shows RAL K7 Classic color wheel / palette with 213 colors.

Door paint color options


Our hidden door frames can be powder-coated in any common RAL color. The most popular colors selected by architects and designers are RAL 9016 Traffic White, RAL 9003 Signal White, and RAL 9010 Pure White.

9003 Signal White
9010 Pure White
9016 Traffic White
9001 Cream

Benjamin Moore

In addition to RAL, all Dorsis trimless doors can be also painted in these 9 popular off-white colors by Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore
OC-17 White Dove
Benjamin Moore
OC-18 Dove Wing
Benjamin Moore
OC-57 Swiss Coffee
Benjamin Moore
OC-57 White Heron
Benjamin Moore
OC-65 Chantilly Lace
Benjamin Moore
OC-117 Simply White
Benjamin Moore
OC-130 Cloud White
Benjamin Moore
OC-131 White Down
Benjamin Moore
OC-149 Decorator's White

Partition wall colors


Dorsis Digero glass partition walls are powder-coated to ensure long-lasting durability and come in several gray, black or gold (brass) finishes.

Benjamin Moore
RAL 9005 Jet Black
Benjamin Moore
RAL 9017 Traffic Black
Benjamin Moore
RAL 9011 Graphite Black
Benjamin Moore
RAL 1036 Pearl Gold


Factory-painted panels

Details, textures, and colors matter. Choose from a broad range of amazing color options for Dorsis Fortius concealed door frames and frameless doors. Dare to be bold with pocket doors — see how the Dorsis Belport trimless cavity slider looks in RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow, lovingly called Verkehrsgelb by German color scientists.

Why to get factory-painted doors

Your Angelbau doors will be factory-painted in the color of your choice. Each door panel goes though a 5-phase painting process. Our UV curing process  ensures a hard, durable finish.

What are RAL colors

RAL is a standardized color system for industry, trade, architecture and design with over 1800 colors. RAL K7 Classic is a collection of 213 colors, including pearlescent colors.

Base coat application performed by the anthropomorphic CNC robot.

Glass types for doors and partition walls

You'll be able to choose from a wide selection of clear, tinted, back-coated, or etched glass options for your modern frameless interior door or glass wall partition. Here we show the four most popular ones for our door installations across North America.

Clear glass option for flush-with-the-wall doors with glass panel, pocket door or glass partition wall.
Clear glass

Clear transparent float glass is the most widely used architectural glass today.

Angelbau customers choose clear glass for the Dorsis Digero wall partitions.

Satinato matt glass option for flush-with-the-wall doors with glass panel, pocket door or glass partition wall.

Popular architectural glass in a translucent satin finish. Provides frosted glass appearance with high light transmission and excellent privacy protection.

The soft uniform finish is achieved thanks due to high-quality glass etching.

In Angelbau projects we often see Satinato frosted glass in wood frame door panels or black metal glass pocket doors in powder rooms or bathrooms.

Parsol Gray glass option for flush-with-the-wall doors with glass panel, pocket door or glass partition wall.
Parsol Gray

Parsol Gray gives a unique design twist to space and at the same time provides light control with low light reflection.

Parsol Gray has light transmittance of 47% and external light reflectance of 5%.

Parsol Bronze glass option for flush-with-the-wall doors with glass panel, pocket door or glass partition wall.
Parsol Bronze

Parsol Bronze is body-tinted glass made in the same way as transparent float glass.

Parsol Bronze has light transmittance of 43% and external light reflectance of 5%.