About Angelbau

Official Dorsis distributor in North America

How it all began

The story of Angelbau began in the summer 2018 when we embarked on a journey to build our very own house. One of the challenges was to find an interior door that would complement the house's decidedly modern architecture. Our search for a minimalist door that would be available in North America turned out empty.

Then our friends who moved to Europe gave us a tour of their house where we first saw doors made by Dorsis. Basically, it was love at a first sight. A few months later our new doors arrived on a truck and we couldn't be happier.

We decided to bring Dorsis doors to North American customers who—like us—appreciate modern interior design. We are proud to represent Dorsis, a leading European manufacturer ​of concealed door frames.

About Dorsis

Dorsis is a leading full-height interior door manufacturer, providing a variety of frameless swing doors, trimless pocket doors, and partition systems for luxury residences.