Barnero Collection

Floating barn doors

Dorsis Barnero is a modern magic sliding interior barn door built to celebrate contemporary living. We design and manufacture our barn doors to fit harmoniously with the entire portfolio of Dorsis trimless doors. Architects around the world use Dorsis Barnero trackless barn doors for closets, hallways, or master bathrooms. Be inspired.

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Dorsis Barnero modern barn door in a modern hallway.
Dorsis Barnero trackless barn door system uses large diameter wheels.
Silent operation

The Dorsis Barnero modern barn door operates silently thanks to its large diameter wheels.

Dorsis Barnero trackless barn door uses a soft close mechanism for smooth operation.
Soft close barn door

The soft close brake for the barn door provides two inches of smooth braking on both sides of the opening.

Dorsis Barnero trackless modern barn door uses a concealed barn door system.
Easy glide system

Adjust the barn door panel to be perfectly level. The barn door will operate with just a gentle push.

Trimless flush doors for Dorsis frameless interior doors. High-gloss white door slab, high-gloss red door slab, white oak wood veneer door slab and door slab with applied wallpaper.
Broad panel finish options

Your Dorsis Barnero door panel will fit your space perfectly - painted, high gloss, wood veneer, glass, mirror, or concrete micro-topping.

Dorsis Belport pocket door - white painted wood panel using a push-to-slide opening mechanism does not require an edge pull.
Recessed door pulls

Select from a wide variety of recessed door pulls and door pull handles to complement your barn door panel finish.

Subtle elegance

Single or double barn door

When your house, a high-rise condo or a penthouse has a large doorway, use a double barn door.

Single panel for 67" openings

A single Dorsis Barnero magic barn door with concealed track can be as wide as 71", making it a perfect fit for 67" wide doorways.

Double barn door for 134" openings

A grand entrance to a grand room. With precisely set soft-close endpoints your double barn door will open and close with elegance.

Dorsis Barnero modern barn door in a bedroom. Wood veneer barn door panel hiding a closet.

Reliable operation every time

The Barnero barn door implements the time-tested Magic 2 wall mount sliding system. The unique concealed hardware and running track create the illusion that the barn door panel is floating. We design Barnero in a wide variety of door widths, heights and thicknesses.

Design and technology
  • Decidedly contemporary and modern look, with the sliding system hidden behind the door panel.
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable to compensate for the wall and floor imperfections.
  • Equipped with two anti unhooking elements to secure the door.
A pair of Dorsis Barnero modern barn doors in a hallway of a luxurious private residence in Colorado. Installed by Angelbau.

Full height Barnero Collection

Floor-to-ceiling barn door

For high-end luxury residential projects we frequently design and manufacture full-height barn doors. These floor-to-ceiling moving panels hang from the ceiling and glide in a fully recessed smooth track.

As you expect, we're automatically equipping the anodized aluminum track with a soft close damper mechanism on both sides to delight you every single time.

Full-height Barnero barn door panel options
  • Flexible height from 7' to 11' to meet your site-specific condition
  • With a built-in tensioner to keep the panel perfectly straight
  • Square, round, or oval recessed door pulls in matte nickel, black titanium, etc.
A floor-to-ceiling modern barn door from the Dorsis Barnero door. Track recessed in the ceiling, white panel, black round recessed door pull.

Dorsis Barnero

Product specifications

Wood veneer modern barn door using the Magic 2 hidden barn door track system.

Barnero Barn Door


Up to 9' (2743 mm)


27" - 71" (680-1800 mm)

Barn door track finish

Fully concealed barn door hardware, not visible


1 ¾" (45 mm) solid core
2" (52 mm) solid core


1000+ paint color options (RAL and NCS palettes)
200+ wood veneer options
200+ CPL or HPL laminates


solid core sandwich (acoustic)


high-gloss or deep matte paint
wallpaper (preparation)
micro-topping (concrete)
wall tiles (large format, porcelain, natural stone)
glass or back painted glass
Dorsis Barnero barn door - left opening.
Barnero Left Opening
Dorsis Barnero barn door - right opening.
Barnero Right Opening