Dorsis Digero installation

The Digero Glass Wall Partition System will come partially pre-assembled depending on the specific configuration:

  • Dorsis Digero swing doors or sliding doors come fully assembled.
  • Fixed panels come disassembled.

You will need two people to install the Dorsis Digero Wall System.

Step 1: Set the plane

  1. Use a 3D laser to create a vertical plane in your opening.
  2. Set the plane at least 1" away from the edge of the finished opening where the mounting screws will attach to the stud (backing) securely. The profile is 34 mm (~1 ⅜") wide, the mounting hole position is in the middle.
  3. Mark the wall. Fixed panel profiles are thinner than door jamb profiles — for fixed panel profiles subtract ~⅛" (3 mm) from the laser line.
  4. With the vertical plane marked you can remove the 3D laser.
Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - technical drawingDorsis Digero glass wall system - wall section detail for fixed panel and header jamb

Step 2: Install the door frame

Take the vertical door jamb profiles and the header piece, and assemble the door frame on a level surface.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - mitered corner with bracket and corner clamp

Each Digero door frame corner has two flat corner braces and one angle clamp with a hex nut. Double-check that you are using correct channels in the aluminum profile for the braces and angle clamp.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - L-shaped floor bracket

Position the L-shaped floor bracket correctly.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - floor bracket

Mount the L-shaped floor bracket. As you can see, the L-shaped bracket goes under the fixed glass panel, facing away from the door opening.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - pre-milled opening

The head jamb (and side jamb in some situations) has pre-milled openings for the screws. A decorative plug will seal these openings.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - head jamb mounting detail

Place the assembled frame into the opening. Use shims at the header to keep the profile in place until you are ready to mount it permanently.

Double-check that (1) the door frame is perfectly vertical and lining up with your floor marks, and (2) the head jamb is perfectly level.  

Now, you can mount the door frame to the ceiling, side wall, and the the floor.

Step 3: Assemble the side fixed panels

You will do the installation in three steps:

  1. Mount the side profile.
  2. Mount the bottom profile.
  3. Mount the top profile.
Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - marked wall

Use the marks from your laser beam.

You will notice that the side panel profile is made of two interlocking elements. In most cases the two pieces will not come apart - they are held together by a thin layer of paint. Do not break them apart before you cut them to length. Once you cut the profile to desired length, then you can break it apart.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - two-part fixed panel profile
Two-part fixed glass panel profile.
Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - side profile installation

Set the side panel profile. Notice where the flange of the side profile is located — it must be on the same side as the flange of the door jamb.

The profiles will be a bit longer (about 1-2 cm or ~3/4") than what you'll need. This is so that you can adjust length for imperfect opening. Cut the profiles using a miter saw with an aluminum cutting wheel.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - milled socket for floor anchor

The bottom fixed panel profile will have a milled socket for the L-shaped bracket - cut the other side!

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - bottom profile mounted

For narrow fixed panels (i.e. 1 foot) you can use two-sided tape to attach it to the floor. Use screws for wider side panels.

Step 4: Place the glass

There are two gasket types: (1) flat and (2) ribbed. It is critically important to use the correct gasket.

Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - technical drawing
  1. Take the flat gasket and push it into the channel in the profile.
  2. Put two plastic flat shims, i.e. Broadfix flat shims, on the bottom profile.
  3. Place the glass panel onto the shims, slide it into the door jamb profile and secure with a short piece of the ribbed gasket.
  4. Lock the profile on the opposite side. Secure with a short piece of ribbed gasket.
  5. Lock the top and bottom profiles. Secure full length with ribbed gasket.
  6. Secure full length of both sides with ribbed gasket.
Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - flat gasket
Flat gasket - glass panel rear side
Angelbau Digero Wall Partition System - ribbed gasket
Ribbed gasket - glass panel front side

Step 5: Hang the door

  1. Hang the door and test smooth operation. Adjust concealed hinges so that you see consistent reveal around the perimeter.


Never place the glass on concrete floor, metal brackets, or directly on the Dorsis Digero aluminum frame. Always use softer support such as foam pads between the floor and the glass panel.