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Javorina Furniture.
Contemporary European Design.
Javorina KA dining table in solid oak wood. Made in Slovakia.
Javorina roots are in the mountains of Slovakia.

The story of Javorina

Javorina's roots date back to 1947, when an art and industrial production cooperative was founded in eastern Slovakia, named after a small village in the Tatra foothills. From the very beginning, Javorina focused on the tradition of processing solid wood from local forests, which it subsequently developed over the decades in the serial production of joinery products and interior furnishings.

Today, as a well-established European furniture brand, Javorina continues its pursuit of original design, technological know-how, and a philosophy of sustainability. As a manufacturer of modern furniture made of solid oak, Javorina continues to maintain their reputation for quality, which is confirmed by numerous awards on the international furniture and interior design scene.

Javorina logo - modern European furniture brand.