Dorsis Linus

Flush recessed baseboard

Unique wall detail, with or without recessed LED lighting. Designed as a system component for all trimless Dorsis interior doors.

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Dorsis Linus flush baseboard (skirting board) with built-in LED strip light.

Flush base in modern architecture

Modern baseboard

A flush recessed baseboard, sometimes called a skirting board, is a unique wall detail increasingly popular in contemporary architecture. Combined with concealed door jambs, the flush base has become the sought-after design standard in North American residential construction.

Hard-wearing skirting profile

We designed the aluminum extrusion profile of the Dorsis Linus flush baseboard for ½" or ⅝" drywall applications. The minimum flush baseboard height is 2-¼", with an option to go up to 4".

Broad selection of finishes

You will have complete freedom in material selection for your baseboard. The insert can be an MDF baseboard painted in the wall color or contrasting color, but you can also use hardwood board, tile, or Corian.

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard from Angelbau is a modern skirting board system that allows builders to install a recessed base.
High-end kitchen in a modern residence. White polyurethane floor coating with Dorsis Linus white recessed baseboard by Angelbau.
Modern esthetic

You can place your furniture, consoles, art, or tall wall mirrors flush against the wall.

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard from Angelbau North America allows for hardwood floor expansion and contraction. White recessed base insert. Light oak floor. Modern interior.
Ready for floor expansion

The insert floats above the floor, allowing for hardwood floor expansion and contraction.

Modern white staircase with gray Dorsis Linus baseboard that follows each tread and riser. Oak parquet flooring.
Ready for stairs

Pick between a linear flush stair skirt board or let the flush baseboard follow each tread and riser.

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard with recessed floor tile in a white and gray contemporary living room. Full-height Dorsis Fortius white frameless door.
Hard-wearing inserts

The painted MDF board insert is easy to repair and repaint if necessary. Use floor tile as a recessed baseboard in mudrooms, entryways, and bathrooms.

Hallway with Dorsis Linus LED baseboard. Equipped with RGB LED and controlled by Loxone Home Automation, this toe kick baseboard allows for additional lighting scenes and effects.
LED baseboard lighting

Use recessed LED baseboard lighting for entryways, hallways, or powder rooms. Flush baseboard molding with LED light inserts is a perfect fit for stairs.

With fewer distractions, your space will become a canvas for living.

Baseboard with shadow line or LED

A flush recessed baseboard (sometimes called "skirting board") is an amazing modern detail that will elevate your interior. Popular with leading European architects and interior designers, this modern and minimalistic flush baseboard is now making inroads into North American modern residential architecture.

Dorsis Linus 13 recessed baseboard (skirting board) designed for ½" drywall. White MDF insert with a shadow line.

Dorsis Linus 13

Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 13 for ½" drywall installation.

Dorsis Linus 15 recessed baseboard (skirting board) designed for ⅝" drywall. White MDF insert with a shadow line.

Dorsis Linus 15

Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 15 is designed for ⅝" drywall installation.

Dorsis Linus 15 LED recessed baseboard (skirting board) designed for ½" drywall. The aluminum baseboard has a recess for an LED light strip. White MDF insert.

Dorsis Linus LED

Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus LED can house an LED lighting strip.

Intelligent Lighting Controls

Linus LED baseboard

Lighting plays a crucial role in interior design and the Dorsis Linus LED flush baseboard will add a touch of sophisticated lighting to your space. Intelligent lighting control can turn the flush baseboard into an LED orientation light so that you can find your way in dark hallways or staircases.

Works with 12 mm LED strips

Linus can receive any 8, 10, or 12 mm LED strip. Choose any 12/24V, white or RGB color, high or low CRI, warm or cool LED you prefer. Your electrician will provide the power supply and wiring.

Motion sensor triggered light

Connect your LED baseboard to a brightness-aware motion sensor and have your home automation system such as Loxone turn on the light when you walk into a dark hallway.

Modern home with color LED strip lighting utilizing the Loxone home automation system.

Compatible with all floor types

Hardwood or tile floor

The Dorsis Linus aluminum baseboard housing can receive any insert material and you can easily scribe the baseboard to an uneven floor.

Contraction and expansion gap

With a hardwood floor, you will leave a tiny gap between the bottom edge of the insert and the top of the hardwood floor to allow for contraction and expansion.

Sealed gap for wet areas

Tile floors don't expand or contract. With tile floors in bathrooms or mudrooms, you can use tile as your insert material and seal the gap between the floor and insert.

Dorsis Linus flush base 3D model

Designed to work together

Use system connectors for Dorsis invisible jambs

We designed the Dorsis Linus recessed baseboard for easy integration with the Dorsis Fortius flush-with-the-wall trimless doors. The Dorsis Linus Jamb Connector is milled to meet with the hidden door jamb perfectly, leaving only about a ⅛" vertical strip of the jamb.

The Dorsis Linus Jamb Connector also works with our unique Dorsis Belport trimless sliding pocket door.

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard connector for Dorsis concealed door jambs.

End-to-end integration

Linus baseboard corners

Every little detail matters. That is why we make system corner elements so that your installation can go much faster and the end result is perfect.

Baseboard inside & outside corners

How to make flush baseboard corners? Dorsis Linus mitered corner elements are available for inside and outside corners. Supplied as a set with a connector.

‍2x 9.5" (2x 240 mm)
Corner brackets

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard provides system components for both inside and outside corners. Each baseboard corner has a miter joint to form a perfect 90° angle. Each Dorsis corner comes as a 2-piece set with an angle bracket.

Dorsis Linus recessed baseboard inside corner. Image shows a connector bracket.


Customizable MDF inserts

Dorsis Linus flush baseboard will accommodate traditional MDF baseboard, as well as tile or hardwood floor. Dorsis Linus flush baseboard is a Dorsis system element designed to connect seamlessly with the Dorsis Fortius concealed door frame range.

The MDF insert for the Dorsis Linus flush recessed baseboard has a rabbet edge to provide smooth transition to the Dorsis Fortius and Dorsis Durus concealed door jamb.

Product specifications

Documentation & CAD data

We will gladly assist you with your planning with the Dorsis Linus flush baseboard and provide your project architect or designer with shop drawings for inclusion in your Construction Documents (CD).

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Dorsis Linus Flush Baseboard drawing (PDF)
Autodesk AutoCAD dwg file icon
Dorsis Linus Flush Baseboard drawing (AutoCAD dwg)
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Dorsis Linus installation instructions
Dorsis Linus Flush Baseboard
Linus 13
Linus 15
Suitable for
½" drywall
⅝" drywall
Housing depth
½" (13 mm)
⅝" (15 mm)
Baseboard height
2 ¼" (58 mm)
2 ¾" (70 mm)
2 ¼" (58 mm)
2 ¾" (70 mm)
MDF insert versions
Flush (no LED)
With LED light channel
LED strip width
8/10/12 mm (0.31"/0.39"/0.47")
Optional components
Door jamb connectors for frameless doors
Open & closed corners
Housing material
Housing length
7'-10½" (2400 mm) single extrusion
Insert material
MDF with white paint-ready foil (~RAL 9003)

8 Versions Available

Section drawings

Linus 13 [0.5-2.375]


Dorsis Linus 13 flush baseboard without LED light.Dorsis Linus 13 flush baseboard with LED light.

Linus 13 [0.5-2.875]


Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 13 for ½" drywall application.Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 13 with LED strip lighting for ½" drywall application.

Linus 15 [0.625-2.375]


Dorsis Linus 15 flush baseboard without LED light.Dorsis Linus 15 flush baseboard with LED light.

Linus 15 [0.625-2.875]


Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 15 for ⅝" drywall application.Flush baseboard Dorsis Linus 15 with LED strip lighting for ⅝" drywall application.


Are Dorsis Linus baseboards bendable?

Yes, the Linus flush baseboard is bendable. It can be bent up to a radius of 24 inches (600 millimeters). We can provide both the aluminum extrusion housing and the MDF insert curved for both internal and external radius and ready to install.

How do you join aluminum profiles?

Dorsis Linus is a complete system for flush baseboard installation which includes special linear connectors to join two bars of Linus 15 aluminum baseboards, connectors for internal and external corners and concealed door jamb terminal pieces.

What type of adhesive should I use to adhere the baseboard to the wall?

For the installation of baseboard housing to the wall we recommend a standard construction adhesive. Check that both surfaces (the wall and the baseboard) are clean to ensure adhesion.

Modern kitchen design in a modern urban home by award-winning architect. Flush baseboard in hallway and kitchen, recessed black channel linear lighting, full-height kitchen cabinets in off-white finish with rich walnut wood countertop kitchen island and black sink faucet.

Flush baseboard pricing

Our Dorsis Linus flush baseboard comes as a set of two components — the aluminum profile bracket, and the MDF insert with paint-ready white foil.

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Dorsis Linus Pricing
Linus 13/15 housing
linear foot
Linus 13/15 LED housing
linear foot
Linus 13/15 insert
linear foot
Linus 13/15 LED insert
linear foot
Minimum order $5000.