Dorsis Belport

Modern sliding pocket door

Exquisite Dorsis Belport trimless pocket doors are designed to look perfect and to perform flawlessly. Be inspired.

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Dorsis Belport sliding cavity pocket door with white solid core door. Trimless with flush baseboard. Installed in a dining room of a modern interior home.
Dorsis Belport pocket sliding cavity door options: double pocket door with glass panels, regular pocket door with a single glass panel, double pocket door with wood panels, standard pocket door with wood panel.
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Dorsis Belport sliding pocket door galvanized steel frame kit.
Single or double pocket door

Architrave-free Dorsis Belport is available as a single or double pocket door, with width up to 59" (1500 mm) per single slab and height up to 9 ft 10 in (3000 mm).

Belport pocket door soft-close mechanism.
Soft close pocket door

The soft close brake provides several inches of smooth braking, providing silent and safe experience. A perfect companion for the excellent German sliding hardware.

Push-to-slide push-to-open mechanism for Belport pocket door.
Push-to-open operation

Push-to-slide allows you to retrieve the door from the pocket with a gentle push. The door slides out a few inches, enough to see and operate the recessed door pull.

Dorsis Belport trimeless sliding pocket with Linus recessed baseboard.
Flush baseboard ready

The pocket door is ready for flush baseboard installation. The aluminum jamb is mudded for a seamless, clean look.

M&T Minimal recessed door pull with integrated privacy lock for Dorsis Belport sliding cavity pocket door.
With or without privacy lock

The pocket door can have a privacy lock. Dorsis offers several options for recessed door pulls with an integrated privacy lock.

Door finishes

Minimalistic or dramatic

No two interiors are the same. Would you expect the door to provide an unexpected visual layer? Or you need the door to stand back? Any pocket door finish will always tell a story. What is yours?

White or color door

While most modern interiors go with white, you will see a dramatic change when you choose color for your cavity sliding door.

Veneer or wallpaper

Timeless classics such as European White Oak wood veneer, finished in oil or polyurethane coating.

Trimless flush doors for Dorsis frameless interior doors. High-gloss white door slab, high-gloss red door slab, white oak wood veneer door slab and door slab with applied wallpaper.
"You are not just opening and closing doors. You touch the door handle, you feel the texture of wood. It's the experience of living."

Pocket door styles

Solid or with glass panel

Modern bedroom door or home office door? Full privacy for one, and partial privacy for the other.

Glass panel sizes

Dorsis Belport cavity sliding pocket door can be solid wood core, with a large or narrow glass panel, or even with an aluminum frame.

Glass type and colors

Dorsis Belport pocket door can have a clear, translucent or frosted glass. Color options from clear to bronze to ultra high-end fabric laminated glass.

A range of options for Dorsis Belport sliding pocket door: high gloss red pocket door slab, glass pocket door slab with a glass panel, oak wood veneer door slab with a narrow vertical glass panel, glass panel sliding pocket door, glass door with black or gray aluminium frame.
"Full-height modern pocket doors without jambs or architraves. Once you see it, you never want to go back."

Elegant Push-to-Slide hardware

Finally, no edge pulls

Retrieve the door from the cavity with a gentle touch on the front edge of the pocket door panel. Push-to-slide works beautifully with Dorsis Belport wood or glass door panels and slides out the panel about 6 inches. Push-to-slide is the ultimate luxury.

Invisible opening mechanism

Just like the push-to-open drawer slides in a modern kitchen, the fully integrated push-to-slide pocket door hardware is completely invisible.

Amazingly clean appearance

You can allow the door to slide flush into the pocket. Without any edge pull hardware, you will enjoy a modern, clean appearance.

Dorsis Belport pocket door - white painted wood panel using a push-to-slide opening mechanism does not require an edge pull.

Custom size Doors

Go short. Go tall.

You may need a short pocket door that works with elevations in your kitchen. Or you may need a full-height pocket door for a powerful floor to ceiling effect.

Set the height precisely
  • Align the height with Dorsis trimless doors. You can set the height with great precision, down to 1 mm (about 1/16").
  • Belport can be 7ft tall. Belport can be up to 9' 10-⅛" tall. Your choice.
  • Use white panels when you want to the door opening to disappear.
  • Solid core door panel construction keeps your door perfectly flush.
  • Go with glass panels. Belport can accomodate a glass panel in different color variants.
Dorsis Belport flush solid core wood panel door in white finish showing height options up to 3000 mm or 118".

Custom size Doors

Go narrow. Go wide.

A narrow passage into your hallway walk-in closet? A wide door between your grand room and dining room? Make your trimless sliding cavity pocket door the star of your interior design.

Yes, Belport pocket door can be almost 5 feet wide.
  • A single Belport door can be as narrow as 2ft and as wide as 59" wide. Your choice.
  • A double Belport pocket door can be as wide as 118". Your bold choice, again.
  • Solid core door panel for privacy and sound, or bronze glass panel to keep things open yet well defined.
Dorsis Belport flush solid core wood panel door in white finish showing width options up to 59" or 1500 mm.

Self-supporting pocket door

Install the Dorsis Belport self-supporting sliding pocket door frame system into your 2x4 or 2x6 stud wall.

Your Dorsis Belport pocket door system will accommodate a wood door slab or a glass panel from Angelbau.

Dorsis Belport pocket door frame with a glass panel door installed in engineered wood stud wall.
Dorsis Belport self-supporting pocket door with a glass panel.


When you buy a modern interior door from Angelbau, you always get a complete, ready-to-install door unit. Our Dorsis Belport frameless pocket doors come with the pocket door assembly kit, factory-finished sliding door panel (wood or glass), soft-close with push-to-slide device, and a recessed door pull from the broad collection of architectural door hardware.

Starts at
per a complete trimless pocket door unit, with the self closer and push-to-slide mechanisms included

Product specifications

Documentation & CAD data

We will gladly assist you with your planning with the Dorsis Belport trimless pocket doors and provide your project architect or designer with interior door shop drawings for inclusion in your Construction Documents (CD).

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Dorsis Belport - Technical Datasheet (PDF)
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Dorsis Belport - AutoCAD/BIM file (DWG)
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Dorsis Belport - Revit Family (RFA)
Dorsis Belport Pocket Door
Door width
23-59” (600-1500 mm) for single pocket door
46-118" (1200-3000 mm) for double pocket door
Panel thickness
1 ⅝" (40 mm) wood panel
⅜” (10 mm) glass panel
1 ¼" (31 mm) Digero Alu/Glass panel
Installation options
Standard header
Floor-to-ceiling pocket door
Door panel finishes
Wood veneer
Glass / Glass lite
Laminate (CPL / HPL)
Wood panel composition
Solid core
Solid core acoustic
Honeycomb core