A collection of ten finishes of the M&T YES linear door pull, from polished chrome to brushed black titanium.

The ultimate guide to M&T YES! linear door pull handles

May 5, 2023

Our relentless pursuit of perfection in modern interior design takes us places we could only dream about just a few years ago. We design and manufacture interior doors with numerous primarily European partners, and one of the most prominent ones for us is M&T.

Recently, in one of our design collaborations, we got stoked about their latest M&T YES! linear door pull collection. Why? Simply because the collection provides a fresh alternative to traditional door handles or even recessed door pulls. And we're not the only ones who saw something truly unique: this reimagined product was recognized by the jury of leading industrial designers and the entire collection received the Red Dot Design Award in 2020. (Did you know that M&T received this award just a few years prior for their Minimal/Maximal door pull handle collection?) 

The YES! door pull is not a door lever, and it is not an old-school door knob, yet it functions as either. YES! is rather unique in the sense that you can use it not just for doors with privacy and passage locks, but you can use it just as successfully for cabinets or closets, for example in your entryway or hallway. 

Recently we completed an exciting mid-century modern remodel where — in close collaboration with the project designer — we introduced several doors with the M&T YES! linear door pull handle.

Recently completed Dorsis Fortius white concealed door installation with the M&T linear door pull in brushed chrome finish.

Linear door pull with integrated WC/bathroom lock system

Quite literally, M&T YES! is a magnetic collection. For lockable Dorsis Fortius concealed doors (such as powder room or bathroom doors) we employ the matching magnetic lock, which the M&T team engineered specifically for the M&T YES! door pull. We love the fact that the M&T Magnetics lock lets you adjust how much force is needed to open the door — the closer the magnets in the door jamb and the magnetic striker plate in the door edge are, the more force you would need to open the door, and vice versa.

M&T YES! black linear door pull — Interior side side of the door pull, the door is unlocked.
M&T YES! black linear door pull — Interior side of the door pull, the door is locked.

For Dorsis Fortius concealed closet doors or hidden French doors where the privacy lock is not required, we frequently use the M&T YES! door pull with our Dorsis neo Magnetic latch, which has a broader range of placement options and — as a bonus — is a more economical option.

YES! pull handle by M&T is available in 5 lengths: 

  • 4 ⅜" (110 mm) - passage only 
  • 8 ⅜" (210 mm) 
  • 2' ¼" (310 mm)
  • 24" (610 mm)
  • 35 ⅞" (910 mm)

As is common with most M&T collections, the YES! pull handle comes in 10 finishes: 

  • black titanium
  • satin nickel (matte)
  • brushed nickel
  • polished chrome (glossy)
  • brass (natural)
  • brass (antique patina)
  • brass titanium (matte/satin)
  • matte chrome titanium
  • brown matte titanium
  • black chrome titanium (brushed)
M&T door handle and door pull finishes

The M&T YES! black modern door handle in its 24" or 36" form has arguably become one of the most pleasing choices for contemporary concealed doors. The option to use matching shorter push-pull door handles on closets (as a modern alternative to dummy door knobs) is a unique benefit of the YES! Collection. 

Short horizontal M&T YES! door and cabinet pull - 4 ⅜" long - gray cabinet with gold hardware.
A short version of the M&T YES! door pull handle (length: 4 ⅜") lets you coordinate and unify the hardware selection across the house. Matte Brass Titanium finish of the linear pull will get you the gray cabinets with gold hardware look.

The highly configurable design creates numerous opportunities

The YES! door pull has two basic profiles: solid and with a cutout for 2 fingers. 

When you design your interior, scrutinize each door to see if you benefit from using a straight linear pull as opposed to using the option with a finger pull. What we found was that with wider (think 36") and taller doors (i.e. 8' or 9') a longer handle with a finger pull works better as it gives you more satisfactory control when opening the door.

Where does this leave us? If your project calls for concealed frameless doors in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, or San Francisco, and you are after great design, great engineering, and great quality, you really can't go wrong with the M&T YES! Collection and Dorsis Fortius filomuro doors

M&T Yes linear door pull comes in several different lengths to accommodate the intended interior design of the space. The integrated privacy/WC lock is always in the same location (height) for comfortable operation.
M&T Yes linear door pull comes in several different lengths to accommodate the intended interior design of the space. The integrated privacy/WC lock is always in the same location (height) for comfortable operation.

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