Four different finishes of the M&T Minimal 2.0 door lever handle with an integrated privacy (WC) lock.

Why we love the new M&T Minimal door lever handle

October 5, 2022

There are door lever handles, and then there are door lever handles. Our European friends at M&T have recently introduced their brand new M&T Minimal 2.0 door handle collection, and we are thrilled to offer these door lever handles for our frameless doors here in North America. The single most compelling development is the integrated privacy lock. 

Why does this matter? We often see M&T handles specified by architects for high-end residential projects where we install our interior doors — and you should know that this is happening for a good reason. M&T decided early on that all their door handles and pulls will use solid brass as the baseline material. On the other hand, most M&T competitors use a cheaper zink alloy alternative called Zamak (sometimes referred to as Zamac).

So what makes brass a better choice for door hardware? Not only does brass as the core material make the door handle feel pleasant and robust in your hand, but it also responds much better to the hot-dip galvanizing process. As a result, M&T handles have an exceptionally durable multi-layered coating that is highly scratch-resistant, a feat that other vendors can't always match.

You can get the new M&T Minimal door handle in 10 distinct finishes: 

  1. Brushed black titanium
  2. Polished black titanium
  3. Satin brown titanium
  4. Matte chrome titanium
  5. Satin nickel
  6. Brushed nickel
  7. Polished chrome
  8. Brushed black chrome
  9. Antique brass
  10. Polished brass

Where the story of M&T Minimal 2.0 gets interesting is the customization of the privacy lock switch. With the right interior design choices, you'll be able to customize the door handle to add a subtle note of studied simplicity. Of course, not everyone will notice, but those who do will give you a nod of approval. 

M&T Minimal 2.0 Privacy door handle collection - 10 finishes, endless customization options.
M&T Minimal 2.0 Privacy door handle collection - 10 finishes, endless customization options.

The M&T architectural hardware collection extends into clever thin linear door pulls — the collection is called YES! and it leverages the same finishes including the unique brushed black titanium.