Orange and gray versions of recessed door pulls Pamar Alice for sliding pocket doors, equipped with a thumbturn privacy lock.

Alice - New sliding door pull collection by Pamar Italy

October 24, 2023

In April 2023, Pamar introduced a fresh new door hardware collection for sliding doors called Alice. The collection is the work of Pinuccio Borgonovo, a well-known Milano-based industrial and furniture designer whose history with the Pamar brand started in early 2000's.

Pinuccio Borgonovo, industrial designer for Pamar Italy, working at his desk.
Pinuccio Borgonovo, industrial designer

The collection leverages recent technology advancements. The backplate element of the flush pull handle contains a tiny magnet that holds the element firmly in place, eliminating the need for exposed screws and simplifying the assembly.

Off-Handle comes in a variety of popular door hardware finishes, which is no surprise coming from this Italian manufacturer — this time, however, Pamar decided to shock the design world with the introduction of new orange color - Pantone 152 C, which they lovinly call Arancione Mandarino (Mandarin Orange). For Angelbau Belport trimless sliding doors, we expect black, dark gray and silver finishes to win customer interest, even though some architects we work with are already thinking about the orange finish.

Recessed door pull collection Pamar Alice in bright orange and light gray finishes.
Pamar introduced the Alice door pull collection in several new finishes including bright orange in a nod to the pioneering use of colors by the Danish faucet manufacturer VOLA

Borgonovo designed the Pamar Alice pocket door pull to be fully recessed within the door panel — in both passage and privacy configuations. While it seems trivial, the privacy configuration of the door pull has to house the entire mechanism for the thumbturn and work mortese locks, and that is a surprisingly difficult technical task he had to tackle with the engineering team at Pamar.

The privacy version features a thumbturn on the interior side (i.e. bedroom or powder room), with an emergency unlock (anti-panic) on the exterior side in case small children accidently lock themselves in the room.

Popular finishes available in the Pamar Alice door pull collection

Pamar Alice sliding door pull hardware in matte black finish
Pamar Alice sliding door pull hardware in dark black finish
Pamar Alice sliding door pull hardware in satin nickle finish
Pamar Alice sliding door pull hardware in chrome pearl finish

Zamak unlocks new design options

Pamar is well known for its furniture hardware. The company started in 1951 and slowly evolved its product design from the traditional aesthetics to modern. The company is true to its roots and still manufactures all of its products in Renate, a city about 33 km (20 miles) north of Milan, in the Lombardy region.

In the early 1990's, technology and available materials changed, and the company transitioned from brass to zamak, an easier to shape and less expensive core material for door handles. Zamak is a type of alloy that consists of aluminum, magnesium, copper, and zinc. The name Zamak is an acronym of the German names for Zink (zinc), Aluminium (aluminum), Magnesium and Kupfer (copper).

Recycling project with Alisea results in new gray finish

But there is more — the Alice collection also introduces the innovative and original “g_evolution” finish, which Pamar developed in collaboration with Alisea.

This small Italian firm made reuse and recycling its core business, tackling the issue of industrial waste. Alisea's R&D team looks for ways to transform diverse material waste from industrial processes supplied by their customers into new materials for new products.

For Pamar, Alisea developed the new finish that not only significantly improves the durability of door handles and adds a pleasing gray color but also meets Pamar's desire to minimize its environmental impact. The finish, in fact, comes from graphite powder, a by-product of the production of electrodes, otherwise destined for landfill.

We are thrilled to offer these new Made In Italy sliding door pulls by Pamar to our customers in North America.

White trimless pocket door with Pamar Alice gray recessed door pull and edge pull.
Belport trimless sliding door equipped with the recessed Pamar door pull - Alice collection. The edge pull is optional as the Belport pocket door comes with the new Push-Plus system which combines the soft close and push-to-slide functions.