Dorsis Fortius bathroom door with a sleek black door handle by Griffwerk Germany.

Why customers often choose Griffwerk door handles

July 13, 2022

When it comes to door hardware, there are two qualities we value over anything else – consistently high quality and extreme reliability. Over the years, the design, development, and production teams at Dorsis have worked with many door hardware manufacturers. One of the vendors that stands out for us is Griffwerk.

Black door handle Avus One by Griffwerk, with integrated privacy lock for bathrooms.
Griffwerk Avus One door lever handle with Smart2Lock installed on a Dorsis Fortius flush-to-wall bathroom door in a modern residence.

Located in Blaustein, Germany, about halfway between Stuttgart and Munich, Griffwerk excels at providing cutting-edge door hardware design that is matched equally by their engineering prowess. Ever since its inception in 1999 the company has been at the forefront of modern interior design trends.

At Angelbau we frequently supply Dorsis Fortius/Durus, our two options for frameless interior inswing and outswing doors, with Griffwerk hardware. The clever design of their Smart2Lock technology plays a big role in why architects and interior designers we work with often specify Griffwerk for their clients.

Griffwerk Smart2Lock – a path to minimalism and simplicity

Introduced in 2019, Smart2Lock was an instant hit with Dorsis customers in Europe and here in North America. Griffwerk’s Smart2Lock integrates a privacy lock into the door lever handle. A small mechanical switch at the top of the door lever allows you to comfortably control both the opening and locking of the door with one hand – the lock switch is always within the reach of your thumb. Ordinarily, the bottom rosette with a thumb turn (or turnkey) provides the locking mechanism with European mortise locks. This bottom rosette is no longer needed with Griffwerk Smart2Lock.

Gray door lever handle Griffwerk Avus One, oval shape, integrated privacy lock.
Griffwerk AVUS ONE, a popular door lever handle option for Dorsis Durus and Dorsis Fortius flush doors.

Unsurprisingly, the minimalistic Griffwerk AVUS ONE product line has been a particularly popular choice for the Dorsis hidden door jamb system. It’s available in three excellent finishes – from velvety gray (close to stainless steel) to cashmere gray to graphite black – and with the optional Smart2Lock privacy door lock.

The sense of elegance and simplicity you get when you combine these invisible door frames, concealed hinges and minimalistic door lever handles is no coincidence, what you see is a beautiful result of a years-long subtractive design process.

Three-story Griffwerk headquarters in Blaustein, Germany.
All Griffwerk door handles are made in Germany. Griffwerk headquarters in Blaustein, Germany.