Natural veneer frameless door with a black recessed door pull that has a matching veneer backplate.

Architectural hardware - Design ideas for recessed door pulls

January 19, 2024

When interior designers ask us to find a way to hide a door handle on our Dorsis Fortius frameless doors, the question leads to a broader discussion. We dive right in:

Question 1 — Where is this door within the overall context of the space?
Question 2 — What is the function of the room?
Question 3 — How frequently will the door be used?
Question 4 — Will the owner need to lock this door?
Question 5 — Is this an inswing or outswing door?

The answers typically lead us toward several possible design and functional solutions, often with different combinations of architectural door hardware, concealed hinges, magnetic latch systems, and self-closers.

Today, let's look at a floorplan situation we encounter frequently: a hallway closet. Designers and homeowners for ages picked dummy door knobs that looked just like regular door knobs, but that era is coming to an end. Hallway closets are getting a makeover, and door hardware is a part of it. With closets in our residential home projects, we may guide the interior designer toward a recessed door pull. Why? It's practically flush with the door slab and the hallway wall, looks inconspicuous and more like high-end furniture, and nobody will expect a bedroom or bathroom behind such a door.

JOO is a sleek flush door pull by high-end architectural hardware manufacturer M&T that we love for this purpose. Available in a dozen finishes and with a subtle finger pull, the best feature of this pull is the ability to receive a custom backplate. Why is that cool? The recessed door pull practically disappears, regardless of the door finish. A white-painted door gets a matching white backplate, and a natural wood veneer door gets a grain-matched backplate. And as is the case with Dorsis doors and M&T hardware, clever use of neodymium magnets provides a clean look with no visible screws or mounting hardware.

Recessed door pull JOO by M&T installed on natural veneer door with a matching veneer backplate.
This door showcases a beautiful horizontal wood veneer and the M&T JOO recessed door pull with a grain-matched veneer backplate. The black door hardware finish (black titanium) goes incredibly well with rich dark natural wood veneers. Be inspired — Creative solutions for interior doors.

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