Hallway with wood panel ceiling and several floor-to-ceiling Dorsis Digero doors.

Pocket door with the track hidden in ceiling wood planks

July 13, 2022

In this modern residence the architect wanted to balance openness with the ability to separate the living area of the house from the sleeping area when entertaining. To create this openness, the corridor connecting these two parts of the house was designed to have a wood ceiling. The interior designer on this project wanted to see a single uninterrupted surface spanning the entire length of the hallway.

For this project we used the floor-to-ceiling Dorsis Belport sliding pocket door and fitted it with a Dorsis Digero glass sliding door in custom gray color.

Since the pocket door frame is primarily designed for drywall installation, we made a small adjustment to account for the additional wood layer. We wanted the wood planks to come right to the recessed ceiling track. We fitted a simple L-shaped profile into the pocket door frame header – this simple modification allowed our finish carpenter to terminate the wood plank ceiling cleanly. Getting the L-shaped profile powder-coated in the same dark gray as the glass door frame allowed us to make the track minimal and almost invisible.

As always, for this project we supplied a complete end-to-end ready-to-go system, so that on-site installation was fast and easy.

Dorsis Belport sliding pocket door. Image shows Digero Slide panel, black aluminum panel with partially reflective smoky bronze glass. The pocket door track is fully recessed in the wood plank ceiling.
Fully recessed Dorsis Belport pocket door track, with modern wood ceiling planks.
Dorsis Digero Slide glass panel pocket door, image shows black aluminum frame and detail of the integrated door handle.
Dorsis Belport pocket door frame was finished flush-to-the-wall. Only two thin lines remained, powder-coated in the same gray as the Dorsis Digero glass door.