White three story private luxury residence with floor-to-ceiling glass wall with lift-and-slide doors facing green lawn. Bauhaus-inspired architecture.
Dorsis Digero glass wall partition system with thin anodized aluminum frame in black. Full-height movable wall closes off modern kitchen with kitchen island.
Dorsis Digero entryway glass wall with glass door and door pull. Full-height aluminum frame and transparent glass, looking from house entrance into hallway.
Wood paneling with Dorsis Fortius frameless jib door, oak veneer panels, full-height balcony door and full-height frameless window.
Dorsis Fortius jib door with concealed hinges and concealed striker in wall paneling. Wall features sauna, shower and WC/powder room, stainless steel architectural hardware M&T Lusy, oak wood veneer finish on the wall, yellow floor of home gym, flush recessed ceiling lights.