No-Ha invisible Handle

Invisible handle like no other

The No-Ha system turns Dorsis Fortius concealed doors into a design miracle. The flush-to-the-wall door with flush-mount door handle.

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Frameless flush-with-the-wall Dorsis Fortius door with the No-Ha invisible door handle.
Mortise lock of the No-Ha invisible door handle.
Special magnetic lock

The No-Ha door lever uses a magnetic mortise lock, similar to our standard passage and privacy magnetic locks.

Concealed magnetic striker (strike plate) of the No-Ha invisible door handle, used with Dorsis Fortius hidden doors.
Concealed striker plate

The No-Ha mortise lock works with a recessed magnetic strike plate that is invisible when the door is closed.

No-Ha invisible door handle, the push plate opens the door.
Silent close

The silent tongue action of the magnetic lock No-Ha is a result of great engineering.

Diagram of inswing and outswing doors.
For inswing and outswing

The No-Ha handle works with both inswing and outswing Dorsis Fortius hidden doors.

White No-Ha handle push plate used with white painted Dorsis Fortius concealed doors.
Integrated lock/handle

The No-Ha handle integrates door handle and magnetic lock in one package.

Custom look & Feel

Ultimate minimalistic hardware

Ultimate minimalism when you need it. Less used doors such as attic access doors or mechanical rooms are the ideal candidates for the NoHa recessed handle.

Customizable plates

The No-Ha decorative plate is custom painted to match the color (finish) of the door panel perfectly.

Flush appearance

The handle plate of the No-Ha lock is sitting completely flush with the face of the door panel. Your Fortius concealed door will have no visible door handle.

Custom color push plates of the No-Ha invisible handle, used with Dorsis Fortius concealed door jamb doors.

No-Ha Designer

Re-imagined handle

The story of No-Ha, the invisible door handle, began in Belgium in 2005. To accompany frameless doors, already wildly popular with customers, Stefan Vanderick and his design team were looking to minimize the visual impact of a visible door handle. The result was a true marvel of door hardware engineering: the integration of the customary door lever and magnetic lock into a single unit, allowing the doors to be opened and shut without a visible door handle.

The innovative No-Ha invisible door handle evolved into later on into a collection of products including a furniture hardware line with concealed door pulls.

Stefan Vanderick, designer of the No-Ha invisible door handle.