A hallway with an outswing frameless door leading into a walk-in closet, door has the No-Ha invisible handle.

How to install invisible door handle on concealed jib door

December 28, 2023

Are you building a hidden room with a secret door, or maybe a safe room?

When you are installing a fully concealed jib door, you want to hide the door hardware too — and you have to think about hiding the hinges, tongue mortese strike plate, but also about the door handle or door knob too. Figuring out the door handle for different types of hidden door is one of the biggest challenges for any interior designer or manufacturer.

There are multiple methods for opening the door without the traditional door handle including a push touch latch we can use for Dorsis Fortius, our concealed doors. Your first question should be this: Is the door inswing or outswing? 

  • For an outswing concealed door you can use a magnetic touch latch such as Sugatsune or Blum, an excellent solution for opening handleless doors. The touch latch device will allow you to open the interior concealed door from both sides. If you need to close the hidden door from within the hidden room, you'll need to add a recessed or exposed door pull handle on the interior side. 
  • For an inswing concealed door, you need a solution that lets you close the door without any door handle, or even without any recessed door pull or routed finger pull. On top of it, you will want to prevent the door from opening if someone inadvertedly bumps into the closed door. For that you need a magnetic mortise lock and door hardware that can operate the latch bolt of the mortise lock. 
No-Ha Mini invisible door handle is a fully integrated door lock and door handle unit. Mortise lock faceplate is available in silver and black finishes.
No-Ha Mini invisible door handle is a fully integrated door lock and door handle unit. Mortise lock faceplate is available in silver and black finishes.

Invisible door lockset

When Belgian designer Stefan Vanderick introduced the first generation of the No-Ha invisible door handle, it was a true breakthrough. The combination of a magnetic lock and a handle (basically a pressure plate) created the first invisible door lockset. Today, No-Ha 2.0 represents a lockset that lets you open and shut doors while the "door handle" element is fully concealed and in the same finish as the door panel and walls.

The cover plate is interchangeable, fully customizable and prepared to receive either paint or be bonded with additional material. At Angelbau, we typically custom paint or powder-coat the plate of the No-Ha invisible handle in the same color as the door to make it disappear. However, the plate can also be in contrasting color, and for unique conditions, such as hidden doors in wood panel walls, we frequently add a layer of grain-matched wood veneer so that the invisible handle blends in.

The No-Ha handles are made in Italy by Bonaiti, but you'll find them sold white-labeled as RocYork.

The NoHa invisible lock can be configured for passage or privacy functions. However, the privacy version has a visible thumbturn which somewhat collides with its key design proposition of flush look.

No-Ha summary

  • Works with swing doors in both directions (inswing and outswing).
  • No visible door handle, cover plate is the same finish as the door. 
  • No visible strike plate - the magnetic striker is recessed in the door jamb and invisible when the door is closed.
  • Locking is silent due to magnetic latch bolt of the mortise lock.
  • Strike plate is adjustable - with 2 mm of play you can fine-tune the locking should the door and jamb not be perfectly aligned.

No-Ha is available as a collection:

No-Ha Mini installation video