Dorsis Fortius

Electronic door access control

Unlock your hidden door with your iPhone or Android smartphone, with fob or a security code entered on an NFC numeric keypad, a fob or a Bluetooth device.

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Frameless door made by Angelbau Dorsis. Flush door panel in white, installed in a high-end luxury residence. Interior design combines European white oak hardwood floor and polished onyx wall panels.

Keyless access. Reinvented.

Dormakaba digital cylinder

Unlock door with smartphone

Forget physical keys. Control access to your house securely and efficiently with the dormakaba digital cylinder installed in your Dorsis Fortius frameless door. Unlock your garage-to-house door with your iPhone. No wiring is required at the door.

The dormakaba electronic locks offer both visual and acoustic access signals. Beautifully designed, compact, energy efficient and extremely easy to install, the electronic cylinder makes a smart choice for secure entry to your home.

  • Can be installed in any Angelbau frameless door (Dorsis Fortius / Durus)
  • Suitable for installation in flush-mounted Dorsis Fortius EI30 fire doors
  • Unlock with your iPhone or Android smartphone, or key fob
  • Award-winning modern design — Available in black or white
Keyless access with dormakaba digital cylinder.

Electric strikes for frameless doors

Equip your Fortius frameless door with the Assa Abloy EffEff Profix2 electric striker. Enjoy the comfort of a door access control device that allows you to control the locking mechanism on doors in secure areas of your office, retail space, hotel lobby, commercial building, or warehouse.

Fail-secure, or fail-locked, electric door strikes can be opened when electric current is applied and remain locked during power failures. Fail-safe, or fail-open, electric door strikes lock when DC current is applied and can be opened manually during power failures.

Works with most 24VDC security door control systems, including Loxone Smart Access Control.

Assa Abloy EffEff Profix2 118.13 electric striker with fail locked function.
EffEff Profix2 118.13
Fail-Locked electric striker

The fail-locked version unlocks when there is an active electric current.

Assa Abloy EffEff Profix2 118E.13 electric striker with fail locked and daytime unlock function.
EffEff Profix2 118E.13
Fail-Locked electric striker with Daytime unlock mode

The fail-locked version unlocks when there is an active electric current. Additionally, if the daytime unlocked mechanism is positioned upwards, then the electric strike is permanently unlocked.

Assa Abloy EffEff Profix2 138.13 electric striker with fail unlocked function.
EffEff Profix2 138.13
Fail-Unlocked electric striker

The fail-unlocked version unlocks when there is not an active electric current.

Assa Abloy EffEff Profix2 148.13 electric striker with hold open function.
EffEff Profix2 148.13
Electric striker with Hold Open function

With a brief electrical impulse (i.e. pressing a momentary push button), the striker will set itself as open and will stay that way until you close the door again (= Hold Open). When you open and close the door (the latch bolt hits the striker), the striker sets itself as closed.