Contemporary dining room with Javorina Forum oak dining table and a collection of six modern solid oak dining chairs.

Introducing Javorina Design oak furniture

November 2, 2023

We are stoked to be able to introduce Javorina, an absolutely amazing European high-end furniture brand, based in Slovakia.

Javorina started making wood items in 1947, and we're particularly excited about their latest iconic furniture designs, which made waves across top European furniture fairs in recent years.

Natural oak design furniture - The Javorina Method

Oak's natural beauty is irreplaceable in beautiful living. In modern interior design and especially in high-end luxury residential architecture, you'll find white oak as the go-to material.

Javorina honors the beautiful properties of oak — by allowing only natural treatment of their oak furniture using oils and waxes. When the dining table goes through the process, the manufacturer applies food-safe natural oils, which penetrate the table top and provide a highly resistant finish so that you can enjoy your furniture without worrying about food or glass stains.

The Javorina Method treatment is environmentally friendly and ensures that the wood is resistant to unwanted staining from all aggressive foods such as red wine, coffee, chocolate or beetroot.

The central component of the Javorina Method is the unwavering commitment to sustainable forrest management. All oak wood comes exclusively from local forests in Slovakia, and the manufacturer does not import oak from abroad. Javorina also looks at the entire tree lifecycle to ensure that every bit of tree is either used in the making of the furniture, and the scraps and sawdust unsuitable for finished products is reused with drying chambers or for heating. This helps the company minimize its ecological footprint.

The relentless pursuit of exceptional design

In 2018 Javorina introduced its celebrated FORUM dining table, a perfect marriage of design and technology, defining a product where clever minimalist design preserves strength and stiffness.

In the same year, Javorina also introduced its practical writing desk called simply Desk, which borrowed from the traditions of oak woodworking and applied a fresh take on the staple of home offices and guest room desks.

A year later, in 2019, Javorina engaged a rising Czech design star Lucie Koldova, resulting in a new line of dining tables, coffee tables, and side tables. Acting as a functional sculpture, the feminine lines of the XX table collection became an instant hit.

Collection of sSolid white oak tables and side tables called XX by European furniture maker Javorina.
Javorina XX table collection. 2018

The collaboration with Czech designer duo Roman Vrtiska and Vladimir Zak produced the iconic Tuba chair collection. The Tuba chairs are not using a single metal fitting or screw and truly push the limits of 3D woodworking.

Two modern white solid oak Tuba chairs by European furniture maker Javorina. Blue and whitewash finishes.
Javorina Tuba Chair, 2018.