Sleek full-height frameless door Dorsis Fortius in a hallway of a luxury home.

Floor-to-ceiling interior doors available in North America

July 13, 2022

In most contemporary homes in North America you'll likely find floor-to-ceiling windows. These decidedly modern windows provide unobstructed views and introduce an abundance of natural light into the interior, making the floor lighter and the floor area bigger.

As a side note, on some of Angelbau door installation projects here in the USA we work with a passive house windows manufacturer ENERsign. They make some of the best performing floor-to-ceiling R-10/R-12 tilt-and-turn windows and lift-and-slide doors in the world. Check them out.

For an architect or an interior designer the challenge is how to express this floor-to-ceiling design language in the interior. Having an uninterrupted ceiling plane helps connect the rooms and provide visual depth to the space.

Floor-to-ceiling interior doors make rooms appear taller and the space bigger, especially when you open the door. They have long been popular in contemporary high-end European homes and they are now making their into modern North American homes and residences.

Our Dorsis Fortius door system allows you to have floor-to-ceiling doors for ceilings anywhere from 7ft to 11'-5". The floor-to-ceiling door has no header, the drywall or wood plank ceiling spans the hallway and the room. Now, in a combination with concealed door jambs, concealed hinges and a hidden strike plate, the door will match the minimalism and simplicity of your floor-to-ceiling windows.

Dorsis Fortius floor-to-ceiling interior doors with concealed door jambs as well as floor-to-ceiling interior pivot doors Dorsis Axon are available in North America from Angelbau.