Truck delivering Angelbau doors to the job site.

First Dorsis door installation in Boulder, Colorado

July 13, 2022

The doors have arrived! It is our first installation of Dorsis floor-to-ceiling interior doors in Boulder, Colorado. The house was designed by Brian Fuentes, the architect and founder of a local design-build firm Fuentesdesign, specializing in modernist residential architecture. Brian has become a well-known advocate of passive house design, and is one of the leading voices for building energy-efficient homes and promotes green home design at events across the United States.

Brian Fuentes, Boulder-based architect. Founder of architectural firm Fuentesdesign, modern architecture with focus on passive house design.
American architect Brian Fuentes is founder of architecture studio Fuentesdesign based in Boulder, Colorado. His architectural practice specializes in contemporary residential architecture with particular focus on passive house design and energy efficient homes. Fuentesdesing is a member of Phius, Passive House Institute (US).

Angelbau will install several full-height Dorsis Fortius 52 flush doors with concealed door frames for bedrooms, a trimless full height Belport pocket door for a guest bathroom, and a fire-rated flush-with-the-wall Fortius EI30 door, which will connect the house with the garage.

As is customary with all Angelbau deliveries, the client will get a complete ready-to-install door unit which is pre-finished and includes all of the hardware. In this case, the client went with the M&T Maximal door handles which are designed to hold a matching insert (plate). Since the doors are white, the inserts in the door handles are also white.

Update 1

Here are a few pictures from the door installation. The installation was done by Zach Whitt from Front Range Fenestration.

Concealed door frame of Dorsis Fortius 52 frameless door installed in the rough opening. Installer used Hilti CF 812 WD low-pressure door and window foam to secure the gap between stud and frame
You can see the concealed door frame of the Dorsis Fortius 52 frameless door installed into the rough opening. Our installers used the excellent Hilti CF 812 WD low-pressure door and window foam to secure the gap between the stud and the frame.

Dorsis Fortius floor-to-ceiling concealed frame with installation spreader bar.
This precision-cut door frame spreader bar is there during the installation to ensure a precise distance between the two concealed door jambs. Notice that the Hilti low-expansion foam has been trimmed to allow for drywall to slide cleanly right to the concealed door jamb.