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Veneers by ALPI Italy

The ALPI collections provide a vast range of types of wood in terms of colors, textures, and grain, ideal options for covering any surface. Use your favorite ALPI veneer on your Fortius concealed doors, interior wall coverings such as wood veneer panels for feature walls, or your high-end kitchen, closets, and built-ins.

ALPI veneers are exclusively Made in Italy.

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ALPI reconstituted veneer from the Nordic Collection. Veneer made in Italy.

Nordic Collection by ALPI Italy

The protagonist of the Nordic mood is the typical purity of Scandinavian style. Contemporary wood varieties that stand out for their delicate shadings and a chromatic palette that favors white tones, underlining the solid bond with nature. With Nordic, ALPI’s veneers become the vehicles of a discreet style, where oak is joined by products inspired by delicate wood types such as maple.

Sand Collection by ALPI Italy

A finely honed selection of delicate tones, inspired by the pale, pure colors of sand. Oak and maple convey a sense of lightness for project with a focus on the character and elegance of spaces and surfaces.

Evergreen Collection by ALPI Italy

Up-to-date classics: wood varieties from the tradition, timeless offerings with sophisticated grain and great decorative appeal, with an intense texture that adds character and refinement to all spaces. Xilo Cherry comes in a refined selection of hues, from pale pink to sienna, emphasizing its expressive force. ALPI Xilo Noce Italiano, a wood that reproduces the characteristic luminous blond streaks of Italian walnut.

Chocolate Collection by ALPI Italy

All the nuances of the chocolate color come together with elegant textures, giving rise to a collection of great expressive impact. The colors of stained Oak and American Walnut are interpreted in different chromatic variations. Xilo Walnut reproduces the warm, enveloping tones of canaletto walnut, smoothing and refining the grain of the wood.

Why ALPI veneers

A living, certified, eco sustainable material. ALPI uses poplar, basswood or obeche, peeled and recomposed in an infinite range of types, finishes and patterns, to respond to all design needs.

A unique variety of offerings, with outstanding qualitative characteristics, free of the flaws typical of traditional wood, with unlimited catalog and custom solutions that always provide uniform and constant colors and sizes, replicated over time for multiple applications, on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

About ALPI

ALPI S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces made of reconstituted wood. The company was the first to industrialize this process.

The history of ALPI is rooted in a manufacturing tradition devoted to excellence. Pietro Alpi founded the company in 1919 as a workshop of fine cabinetry, and soon specialized in decorative veneers. When Pietro's son Valerio Alpi joined the company in the 1950s, he commenced widespread distribution throughout Italy. In 1961 ALPI was the first company in the world to industrialize the production process of reconstituted wood veneer, calling the product ALPIlignum. Such revolution was based on intense technical research and an important background in fine woodworking. ALPIlignum spread to international markets. In 1975 the group opened its first facility in Cameroon, ensuring a constant supply of raw material.